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Guestbook for Tracks Steps
Oh wow! You have done an impressive job. Nature and landscapes is a favorite photographic subject. Photographers need to be aware of the phenomenon of diffraction in lenses as it affects image sharpness. Keep up the good job! http://www.bnschevronservice.com
10.Stu Lillard(non-registered)
I read the wonderful article about your photography in Russian Life (Sept-Oct 2014), pp. 56-59, and was happy to see that Editor Paul Richardson "caught up with" you and educated us in the USA about your visual street life photography from Moscow. Your entire gallery on the web is perceptive and captures faces so well, faces with stories. I have walked the streets of Washington for 8 years, but it is difficult to make random photographs of people as they have the right to protest. Yet, it is possible at times. You enjoy nature and insects also.
8.Dr.Aladdin E. H. Mobarak(non-registered)
very nice fabulous and outstanding shoots - Chapeau Dima
7.Erik 스피리돈(non-registered)
wonderful work .. i'm inspired!
6.Arthur Malinowski(non-registered)
Hello Dmitry. I've seen your photos on 500px.com also. You present people in a unique manner, subtly and with great respect for them. Getting to know these faces through your photographs is a real pleasure.

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