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Tiananmen Square


Dario Mitidieri @dariomitidieri, Italian photojournalist based in London.


Tiananmen Square – 1/3


 A young boy welcomes Chinese soldiers as they approach Tiananmen Square, just a few hours before the massacre begun.

 --- In May 1989, I travelled to Beijing to document the peaceful demonstration of students who were demanding democratic reforms.
 Unaware of the significance of the army presence, the little boy symbolizes the innocence of the students who only a few hours later would be crashed in one of the most brutal army repressions in modern history.

 Tiananmen Square – 2/3

 A wounded soldier, rescued by students after his tank was destroyed by protesters.

 --- When the soldiers moved in, I was having dinner with other photographers at the Beijing Hotel. We all rushed into the Tiananmen Square and that was the last time we saw each other that night.
At that point the army was entering the square from all directions and the shooting intensified.
 This was the first of many violent episodes I witnessed that night.
Hearing that the Beijing Hotel had been raided and that other photographers were being searched, I hid my films in my underpants and socks and found safety at another hotel.


 Tiananmen Square – 3/3

 Bodies of protesters piled up in a room of Capital Hospital after the army occupation of Tiananmen Square.

 --- The full horror of the massacre struck me most forcibly when I visited Capital Hospital. By then, on the morning of the 4th of June, the army had re-taken the square. Tanks were patrolling the streets, still firing.
 I set out with one camera hidden beneath my jacket. At the hospital, there were hundreds lying in the corridors and people searching for relatives.
 A young doctor appoached me and said: “Come and see what they have done”. I used a slow shutter speed to take the photograph.
 I remember saying to myself: “Stop shaking, otherwise you are going to have a blurred picture”.

 Dario Mitidiery:

--- Hello. I am Dario Mitidieri @dariomitidieri, and Italian photojournalist based in London. I am honored to be one of the winners in the People Category at this year WPP. I am taking over the #worldpressphoto Instagram for a week. Each day I will be posting three photographs selected from recent and past projects. Thank you. --- #wpph16 #wpphoto #photojournalism #photography



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